chrissy_zmijewski_DSC_0258bAttitude represents your overall energy: how you think, feel and respond to life in general.  Attitude could be split into optimism and pessimism but that is not the most accurate depiction.  It is not a black or white thing.
Attitude runs along a continuum with optimism on one side and pessimism on the other.  Optimistic people interpret situations in their favor.  They know that they cannot control the events that surround them but they can control how they respond to those situations.  Optimistic people also tend to have stronger immune systems and be healthier than those who are less optimistic.
Your attitude is not fixed.  You can become a more optimistic person simply by looking at the joy that you find in each situation.  I’ve created some Joy-isms to help you refocus your attitude and to remind you that joy can be found all around you!
1. Everything is PERFECT, including ME.
2. I am responsible for everything I create in my life.
3. I LOVE myself EXACTLY how I am!
4. Live a life of JOY & FUN!
5. Practice an attitude of GRATITUDE!
6. In each moment, I do the best I can with the resources I have.
7. Focus on what I WANT!
8. Let go of fixing & what I don’t want. (remember EVERYTHING is PERFECT!!)
9. Movement = LIFE; Attention = LOVE
10. When I look for MAGIC, it appears!
11. Find the OPPORTUNITY in every person & situation.
12. We are all ONE!


Transformed The R.A2.D. Triad combines the principles of RestActivity and Diet to help you form an individualized plan to achieve your goals by keeping in mind that you need a plan that is unique to your body and your lifestyle.  A cookie-cutter approach will not give you the best results.  Your plan is based on taking action steps in one or more of the categories above to help you balance out your Triad and give you a solid foundation for building the body and health that you desire.


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