“You Are What You Eat”

Your body can only perform as well as the fuel that you provide it.  Every minute, your body is making new cells to replace the old ones.  When you eat your next meal, do you want those new cells made out of fuel that is full of nutrients or fuel that taxes your body’s systems and your overall health?


Including foods listed out in “The R.A2.D. Triad” will provide your body with nutritional and sensory balance, as seen in the “Nutritional Continuum” so that you achieve your ideal weight, abundant energy, and great immune functioning.



Balancing Your Diet – how you can make changes to your diet today and experience greater health!



The R.A2.D. Triad combines the principles of RestActivity and Diet to help you form an individualized plan to achieve your goals by keeping in mind that you need a plan that is unique to your body and your lifestyle.  A cookie-cutter approach will not give you the best results.  Your plan is based on taking action steps in one or more of the categories above to help you balance out your Triad and give you a solid foundation for building the body and health that you desire.


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