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     The R.A2.D. Triad

    The R.A2.D. Triad combines the principles of Rest, Activity, Attitude and Diet to help you form an individualized plan to achieve your goals by keeping in mind that you need a plan that is unique to your body and your lifestyle.  A cookie-cutter approach will not give you the best results.

    “Success Builds Success.”

    That is what I tell my clients. Tackling all of these aspects at once will most likely overwhelm you and leave you giving up on your dreams all together. What you want to do is start with one thing that you can change TODAY, regardless of how small it may seem, and DO IT today, and tomorrow, and the next day until it becomes a habit (usually 21 days). Then, make your next change and then your next until all of those small changes have added up to BIG changes!

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