Chrissy has helped me become the athlete I’ve always dreamed to be. She continuously pushes me to be my best. With her guidance I have seen my fitness dreams become reality.

-Rachelle, NGA Figure Pro



” Chrissy is definitely a Pro in her field.” She always puts her clients best interests first, and it shows.” She practices what she preaches, and with Chrissy’s guidance and training, I was on stage with first place wins in both Figure and Bodybuilding at age 41! She is an amazing person, and Trainer, and because of Chrissy, I have the knowledge and tools to take my fitness goals to a whole new level.”


BB Cassie-chest




Heather’s Story

Chrissy’s program taught me to individualize my entire wellness routine. Her book is full of insight and useful information. She takes you from the basics of just learning how to listen to your body and its responses, to providing you with the tools that will help transform your life!

R.A2..D Triad is truly a book ahead of its time. This book helps guide you on how to better understand what your body is telling you. If you learn how to listen to what your body is telling you, then YOU can devise a more individualized plan for yourself. It may not be as easy as a cookie cutter diet that you read about online, but the results you obtain by following the R.A2..D Triad are long lasting. Reading this book put me in touch with what foods worked best for me.

Chrissy provides numerous examples of whole foods to choose from, the myths surrounding many foods and what foods contain vital nutrients. I learned that pasta and cakes made me feel sluggish, yet eating whole foods, such as cantaloupes and watermelolon gave me energy and satisfied my sweet tooth and that eating grass fed beef and organic chicken are really the only proteins that seems to work best for me. She brought me back to the basics and I stopped listening to what “others” had to say. I did only the things that made MY body and mind feel great.

Today, training in the gym has never felt so good. I am seeing changes in my body every week. Being in the sport of presenting your physique on stage has many challenges. My ability to feel energized is a key element to my success while working out. Fueling my body and taking in the proper nutrients both before and after each workout is crucial, and I can thank Chrissy for helping me learn how to listen to myself. It was all there all along, she just helped me see.

Heather Formichella

P.S. I was able to compete in 16 shows my first year and I’m not sure I could have done that without the guidance of this book. She taught me that there is only one me; I control my happiness and accomplishments. Take the time to learn your body, awareness is the key!

  • Before

    Heather Formichella before

  • After

    Heather Formichella after


Ashley’s Story

On March 10, 2014, shortly after my 26th birthday, I was sent my very first food plan and workout regiment… Only two things stuck out to me: no quest protein powder and tabatas. First of all, what is a tabata and why in the world is protein powder not about of my diet? Eager to learn,
motivated to compete, and blessed with this opportunity, I took Chrissy head on, putting all my trust in her hands.
As a trainer, I know how to eat, lift, and do cardio 5 daysa week but humbly we all realize there is always more to learn. Choosing to compete has been one of the most educationally rewarding experiences of my life, thanks to Chrissy. She taught me clean eating, she taught me that abs are made in the kitchen, she taught me tabata!
Did I question her at times? Of course but how can you not question a process where you can’t see the light at the end, especially 18 weeks out from your very first figure show. Since I could remember, there was always SOMETHING wrong with me, too skinny, too fat, boobs are too small, hair should be dark, hair should be long, acne, braces, or my favorite: “you don’t have the body to compete figure”. All these initially were not thoughts of my own, they were inserted into my mind at a young age. I never looked in the mirror and thought “pretty”. Yes, as a girl this is common, right?

I truly felt I could never be confident and comfortable being Ashley, being proud, being happy. The last 20 weeks was not about making abs, getting learn, looking “hot”… This experience brought me to my knees, brought me to my most mentally and physically exhausted state, to a point of questioning my self, endless workouts looking my elf in the mirror saying “keep squatting”, “only 15 more min”, late night cravings, saying no to parties, dinners, balancing work and life… But with Gods strength, prayer, commitment, and the endless and gracious support of Chrissy, I now look in the mirror and can honestly say I’m proud. Not just of the way I look but of the accomplishment of doing it. But by far my biggest accomplishment and what I give my most appreciation too is the fact that my journey has touched the lives of other woman.

Woman have confronted me, messaged me, thanked me for showing them that it’s possible that yes you can be that girl in the magazine, yes you can be beautiful and confident and yes you can be proud of yourself…

When I stated with Chrissy back in march, I prayed asking that God show me a reason for this show, a purpose. I wanted it to mean something… Two weeks ago my 19 year old co worker came to me in years and said my journey inspired her, my journey encouraged her, she said she wanted to be me when she grew up… That …right there is what my competition was meant for.

My story, my passion, what I have learned, has touched women and has given them hope and that is what this is about. This has been the biggest blessing and most life changing experience for me.
I will compete again…. And with Chrissy by my side… Tabatas and all!

  • Before

    Ashley Before

  • After

    2104 INBF Muscle Mayhem - Ashley After


Colleen’s Story

In January 2009, I started working out religiously 5 to 6 days a week and began, what turned out to be, a starvation diet. In about a year, I had lost and regained the same 10 POUNDS at least 5 different times. The frustration was building, and I completely fed up with myself.   

I came to Chrissy literally in tears wondering why after all those hours at the gym working so hard, doing hours and hours of cardio, and all those days feeling hungry, I was not getting results.I recall she initially asked me what type of help I needed; I remember thinking, “What kind of help do I not need would be easier to answer at this point?” Continued failure taught me not to trust myself and that no matter what I did I was going to fail…this attitude carried over into more than just my eating and exercise habits. I had measured my self-worth on the scale and my scale was tipping over therefore, I felt defeated.

Completely frustrated not only with my body but with myself, I completely threw myself into Chrissy’s program.

I dedicated myself to following the R.A2.D. Triad.My new motto is “Success breeds success!” Now my goals have gotten bigger and I am working towards goals I had left behind over 20 years ago to do some local body building competitions in the coming year. I also have since become certified to teach group exercise and cycling classes and have plans to begin a nutrition support group to help people in the same way in which I have been helped by Chrissy. I like Chissy’s motto, “Define Yourself.” That says it all! I am doing just that.

  • Before


    Before (Nov 2009)

    Weight: 189 lbs.

    Waist: 33.75 inches

    Hips: 43 inches

  • After


    After (Feb 2010)

    Weight: 160 lbs.

    Waist: 29 inches

    Hips: 39 inches


Sunny & Vicki’s Story

For the past 7 years, we have been gym members, but our results were sporadic, mostly due to our lack of commitment towards our goals.  At the end of September 2009, we decided that we were ready to COMMIT to our health.

We hired a trainer to help us develop a program for our nutrition, sleep, and exercise habits.  Just as we were coached to do, we followed it with insistent consistent persistence.  We were surprised and overjoyed with the changes we experienced in such a short period of time.  We went from feeling very doubtful about our ability to change to feeling confident about our training and our health.

Our motivation continues.  We are challenged with new workout programs every 6 weeks, which consist of 65 minutes of weight training four times a week and several short, intense sessions of cardio.  For us, it’s now a lifetime commitment, and it’s easy now that we have the guidance every step of the way and can see and measure our success from week to week.

  • Before 


    July 2009

    Sunny’s Weight: 238 lbs.

    Vicky’s Weight: 147 lbs.

  • After


    Feb 2010

    Sunny’s Weight: 192 lbs.

    Vicky’s Weight: 122 lbs.

Sunny has reduced his waist by 8 inches and gained muscle, in addition to significantly decreasing his body fat.
Vicky has reduced her waist by 4 inches and gained muscle, in addition to significantly decreasing her body fat.


Christina’s Story

Before I started training with Chrissy, my life was a mess.  I was a personal trainer working in a gym and working out. Little did I know I wasn’t really working out to my full potential. I was eating whatever I wanted and just kind of skating by.

It’s wasn’t until I took my before pictures that I realized how out of shape I was and that no one would believe that I could get them in shape if I couldn’t even get myself in shape.  Once I started taking care of myself, things started making sense and everything was falling into place.  Not just with my health, but everything in general.  I learned that once I took the toxins out of my diet, I slept better and felt better.  I was losing weight, feeling great and gaining confidence.  Not only did Chrissy help me gain confidence and lose weight, but she helped guide me to my first figure competition.  I am currently training for my next competition and I am super excited to compete again.

I fell like a totally different person in just 4 months of training.  I am happy, healthy and excited for what the future holds.  I am a very big believer in theR.A2.D. Triad., so much so that I actually have it tattooed on my wrist.  I did this so that I had a daily reminder of what I was living for because in the crazy madness we call life, we get so wrapped up in things and scattered that sometimes we forget what we are living for.  That happened to me a few times, but now I know what I am living for.  I’m living for myself and my long-term health!  Every time people ask what my tattoo symbolizes, I hope I can inspire them to live a happier and healthier life.

I love sharing my story with others because I know that everyone has the choice to make the right changes as long as they are really committed.  I hope that my story gives inspiration to others as they set out to accomplish their goals.  I have gained the confidence that I lacked before in being a personal trainer.  I now know what it takes to reach to my goals.  When people tell me that it is hard, I can tell them that I know it is but with a little help, just as I had Chrissy’s, they too can be successful.  Sometimes we just need a little accountability.

  • Before



    July 2009

    Weight: – 150 lbs.


  • After


    Nov. 2009

    Weight: – 128 lbs.


Friends recommended Chrissy and when I saw their before and after pictures after six months, I decided to give it a try.

I read her book first (R.A2.D. Triad) and recommend it. As an MD and cardiac surgeon, I found it well documented, with a lot of common sense.

Chrissy is right; dieting without exercising doesn’t work in the long term.

I have lost weight previously but every time I regained what I lost as soon as I went off the diet. Chrissy studied my case, told me how many calories to take every day and gave me a workout schedule. I increased my fruits and vegetable intake considerably, started going to the gym 5 days a week (when not traveling) and started to lose weight. I feel better, am more energetic and in a great mood. I know this is forever.

-Phillipe W.



Chrissy is an amazing trainer. In the six weeks that I worked with her I had amazing results.


I needed help with posing and and a routine for an upcoming show and reached out to her.  She immediately got back to me and right away started working on a plan. Later I needed some nutritional guidance and weight lifting direction and she spent half a Sunday preparing a plan that would fit my needs exactly. She is an excellent communicator and was constantly in touch with me to make sure I was doing okay. She even spent the day with me on the day of my show to make sure I had everything I needed including moral support. As a result, I had HUGE success at my show, placing first in the Ms. Physique division. I could not have been as successful without her.




Chrissy is an exceptional coach for posing and stage presence and I would recommend her to anyone looking to advance and refine their posing technique or even learn the fundamentals for their first show. I was particularly impressed with how much she personalized her posing instruction to my physique and style and how she worked with me to highlight my strengths. She took the time to ask what I was focusing on in my training and took a very holistic approach to stage coaching to match my personality.

I drove 100 miles each way to see Chrissy and it was absolutely worth it and I feel so much more confident in my posing thanks to our work together. Compared to even the best posing videos, I could never have made this kind of progress without Chrissy’s tailored and thoughtful coaching. She also shared tips and insight from her competition experience, which helped give me more of a foundation to work from as I go on stage.

-Judy K.

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